Our Process is Elev8®:

eLev8® is unique to AFFLINK. And it was created with the sole purpose of uncovering hidden opportunities in the supply chain and quantifying their value into true cost savings. Using elev8®, we’re able to help you spot trends and predict outcomes so that we can give you the analysis you need to turn that information into insight. Armed with this new clarity, you’re able to develop sound, strategic decisions to drive costs from your system.

Our Value

"No matter what industry you compete in, elev8® will take your procurement process from transactional to transformational."

So no matter what industry you compete in – from Healthcare and Hospitality to Commercial or Industrial, eLev8® works to harness your business’ information and turn it into data.

step BY STEP

Because each client is unique, eLev8® is customized around your corporate needs and objectives. Our experts walk you through a five-step process to capture information and set the benchmarks you want to drive supply chain efficiencies.

Client Discovery

First, we’ll rank your specific challenges and requirements based on the universal needs of businesses today:

  • Reducing total costs.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Promoting a healthy workplace.
  • Satisfying sustainable objectives.
  • Enhancing corporate image.

Site Needs Analysis.

Second, we’ll observe and document the products you’re currently using throughout your facility and recommend innovative solutions that drive cost savings based on what’s more important to achieving your objectives.

Supply Chain Analysis

We don’t stop there. Next, we’ll help evaluate your procurement processes – from purchasing and ordering to warehousing and logistics – identifying opportunities to eliminate waste and reduce operational costs.

Workloading Analysis

Did you know that labor can account for more than 60% of your total maintenance and operations costs? To that end, streamlining personnel deployment can impact your budget far greater than cheaper products. And here we’ll provide insights on how to can achieve better results with less labor investments.

Solution Selection

Finally, we’ll demonstrate side-by-side comparisons that connect your procurement goals with your corporate priorities.

You deserve more. Your business deserves more. Isn’t it time to elevate your expectations?